Anderson Technology Corporation (ATC) was established in 1979 as Japanese-American joint venture with the aim of investigation, planning ,design, instruction and repair works under supervision of Dr. Arthur R. Anderson , known as one of the worldwide authorities on prestressed concrete .He also developed the Anderson Post-Tensioning System (APS) which ATC possesses the right to implement."APS" is products brand of the company.

  APS in Japan has been refined, widened , and further developed with originality along evolution of technologies in post-tensioning tendons as well as bridge bearing, expansion joint. Thereafter we are focusing our resources on other areas than bridges such as ground anchoring for stabilizing slopes or out-soil walls, architectural structures, storage tanks, and off-shore structures. Technological advancement in APS is contributed through associates such as Concrete Technology Corporation and Berger/ABAM Engineers(Washington,USA),and affiliated factories in China.

  In year 2014, we had established a joint venture subcompany in China with an experienced local company to manufacture bridge bearings and expansion joints under our supervision for high-quality control base on standard JIS,AASHTO/ASTM, European Standard and BS etc.The name of subcompany is chengdu Xinjin Tenan Machinery Co.,Ltd , in which Anderson Japan has 50% of shareholding . We are also manufacturing strand and cable system by OEM under our supervision.

  We untiringly work for future challenge leading technological innovation and development to meet users' demand.

  Company Name: Anderson Technology Corporation.

  Headquarters: HoeiNishishimbashi, Building 3F, 2-8-14 Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 105-0003 Japan.

  Establishment: Oct.18, 1979.

  Capital: 100 Million Yen.

  Corporate Representative: Yoichiro Tsuji.

  Business Scope:

  1. Whole services related to supplying Anderson Post-Tensioning System (APS).

  2. Supplying PC related materials and equipment for civil and commercial works.

  3.Supplying strand including SUPRO strand.

  4.Supplying PC bar system.

  5.Design and supplying of bearing and expansion joint for highway or railway.

  6.Supplying cable system for bridge with installing services.




      Address: Hoei Nishishimbashi ,Building 3F,2-8-14 Nishi-Shimbashi,

                        Minato-Ku,Tokyo,105-003 Japan

      Email:eigyo-bu@anderson-tech.co.jp, kaigaibu@anderson-tech.co.jp

      Tel: +81-335955388     FAX: +81-335955311


  • Miyakodagawa Bridge,Shizuoka Prefecture

  • Sashikubo Bridge,Towata Mitto Bypass

  • Yahagigawa Bridge,Aichi Prefecture

  • Tenryugawa Bridge,Shizuoka Prefecture

  • Ooidaira Viaduct,Shizuoka Prefecture

  • Kawaseki Viaduct

  • Tokuyama Dam No.6

  • MIYAKODA River Bridge

  • Santani River 2th Bridge

  • Oumi-Ootori Bridge

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